We are a Loxone Gold Partner. Loxone have designed intelligent systems that control your lighting, security, heating, entertainment and more. All at the touch of a button, whether you are home or away.  Home automation saves you energy by monitoring and responding to weather conditions and light levels and by switching off appliances and lights at night to reduce unnecessary energy use. It improves the security of your home by automatically detecting breaches of security, fire or other problems such as a burst pipe.

Automation v Control

We provide full control of all your devices, lighting, heating, security and access.  But more than that we design automation into your home. 

When you leave the house with one command your heating is turned down, you lights and music turned off and your burglar alarm set. Lights in your en-suite come on dimmed in the middle of the night when you enter but in the morning they're on full. When you're on holiday presence simulation operates your lights as if you where in the property. Call us for more automation ideas.


Design and installation

We provide a full design for your smart home. Working with our qualified electricians or providing wiring diagrams and cable schedules for your on-site electricians for 1st fix cabling. We will then install 2nd fix, program and handover your new system.

New build or retro-fit

We can provide both wired and wireless solutions. Integrating a new extension with your existing home or wanting a solution without the mess of a re-wire.