The next generation door bell

Ever miss a delivery?  The Amazon box you’ve been waiting for arrives 5 minutes after you’ve left for work!  What are the options for you; delivery to a neighbour, parcel delivery at work, personal butler… How about a video doorbell?

"Always be in when you’re out.”  

Video doorbells are now available to allow you to answer the door like you answer your phone.  Someone’s at the door your phone buzzes, you can see who’s at the door, open the door if you’re in, or if not talk to them and give instructions, “I’ll be back in 2 minutes, hold on”, “please leave in the wheelie bin round the corner”, “knock on Ethel’s door, she’ll accept it for me”. 

The video doorbell has other advantages, it can take a picture of every person that rings your bell, giving you photographic evidence of the courier, cold caller, potential burglar.  How about motion sensing video so that everyone who walks up to your door, legitimate or not is recorded? With the video saved to the cloud and you also get a notification on your smartphone. 

If you have accessibility requirements, perhaps you can’t always get to the door when it rings due to an illness or disability? Then a video doorbell could enable you to always answer the door whether in your chair, in bed or just otherwise occupied, you can speak to the person at your door through a smartphone or tablet and with a connected lock allow them access to the property.

Piece of mind, security, accessibility, personal butler… all from a doorbell.  

With prices starting from £300 installed, the video doorbell is a great option for your home. Electric Orange are installers of the Ring doorbell and partners of both Doorbird and Loxone intercoms, call us for options.

Electric Orange is available for all your smart home technology needs, we are a Cedia member based in Liverpool operating in merseyside, Cheshire and the Wirral.