Self build

Planning a self build? Have you thought about the cabling in the building?  When should they be specified, what do you need in your house?  There's power, computer networks, WiFi, CCTV and alarm cables to name a few.

Got an electrician for your sockets, light switches, a plumber, an alarm company, an AV company for all your music and TV. Wondering how all these systems are going to work together?

Your house will work but may you may be left with a number of systems that don't know about each other and what we like to call 'wall acne', that wall of switches, controls and panels often located in the hallway or if very unlucky in all the main rooms of the house.

If planning is taken place before all these system are installed then there are options to make these disparate systems work together rather than compete with each other for wall space and cavity space. Getting all the trades together can be tricky but worth it, for example when looking at ceiling speakers also speak to the plumber to make sure that a water cable doesn't run directly through the joist void that the speaker should sit in. When looking at your heating control system there may be a way to integrate that system with the web, if so make sure there's a network cable to the heating controller or adequate WiFi signal.

If you're planning to have more than a couple of lighting circuits in one room or one area then it could be worth looking at a lighting control system, to provide one button access to multiple lighting circuits. To create a 'scene' e.g. cooking, relaxing entertaining perhaps coloured lighting.  Or if you have kids that leave lights on how about motion sensors to turn on lights in the toilet and hallway or turn lights off in their bedroom if they leave them on for too long?

There are many items to discuss when building a house but perhaps one of the biggest nowadays is WiFi, don't leave this to the last moment to find out that your ISP's router doesn't have enough range to cover your house and that you smartphone doesn't work in the master bedroom. WiFi can be extended to give complete whole home stable and fast coverage.

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Photo by 00one/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by 00one/iStock / Getty Images